Remus lupin x reader love. James said proudly, “Wish I could have been behind you like Sirius was though. Sanctuary (Remus Lupin x Reader Sc by BetterThanYesterday. what i do not do He seemed somewhat familiar. 18. b. You spent a few minutes enjoying each other’s company, but the silence and your far too … a collection of harry potter character x reader oneshots for you to read and enjoy :) *some mature content, smut and rude language* remus lupin x reader no way; "oh, thank you, remus!" they smiled, giving him a kiss on the cheek as they stuffed more peanuts into their mouth, "i love you" remus chuckled before saying with a gentle You shook your head at him and kissed his nose, then cheek, then a soft kiss on his lips. —————————. The things which your eyes couldn’t see, your mind made up for. Word Count: 590. “James let us out, right-now” Remus said and knocked on the door. You were laying in your bed, listening to the raindrops heavily attacking the ledge of the window in your dormitory. First Time For Everything ** - Remus just wants to make you feel the best you possibly can. Originally posted by canyoudancelikeahufflepuff Remus remained standing in the doorway to the Transfiguration room, as he felt a hand slap on his back. "Yn ln" I replied. He faces his curse every day and lived. “Oh god, I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have listened to Sir-“ you cut him off with a soft kiss. You loved him more than you thought. He wrote of his love for her, and of how he loved her enough to let her go if she so wished. Nauseatingly awful person. When Walburga Black gave birth to twins, she wasn't expecting them to turn out how they did. summary: Sirius's birthday starts off with his three favorite people. x reader. You felt so sick of yourself. Your eyes widened when you saw Professor Lupin. His low raspy voice, the hot water that hit your body, the way he pounded into you and his hands that were on your waist, it was all you needed. I kinda write for my own imagination, so if you happen to like them then let me know! All fluff and/or angst :) Rankings: #19 i Fanfiction Fantasy Romance Tom Riddle Daughter Voldemort Daughter Remus Lupin Love Lily Evans. One night, Lupin falls into some trouble and Amanda comes to his aid. A collection of Remus x Reader oneshots. The longing stares and lingering touches. "Hello, can I sit here" he asked. "Hey, we've met, at the magical pets store" I Amanda Turner was always Professor Lupin's favorite student. And you’d rather prefer that. Words: 0. ” It mainly focuses on the reader being injured while she finds out Remus is a werewolf and his guilt over it. “No. As the realization hit them like a tidal wave, the flowers dropped to the floor. Professor Lupin…. What they didn’t know was that you were listening behind their closed door. Pair: Remus Lupin x Reader. His large, warm hands reach your breasts and lightly cups them. You looked up at Remus and moved to kiss him once more but as you did a leaf fell on his face. Ron Weasley (young) Severus Snape (Young) Sirius Black. “Yeah, but the difference is that now I can tell you without it being awkward. Warnings: angst, reader breaks Remus' heart, no happy ending i'm afraid. Remus sat down on the other side of you, carefully pushing you against the back of the furniture. But they weren’t doing a very good job. I wanted to pick the book up but Remus wanted to do the same and our hands touched. 36. Within a few small minutes, Remus had gotten you tucked into bed. "Sure" I replied. Take a Break <3 - Remus works too hard, and you just want him to lay low for a bit. Your chest was tight enough that the words were a struggle. Remus had bitten her. “Knew you could do it, Moony!”. Remus Lupin has indeed, fallen in love with this mysterious girl without a past. You were frozen and full of fright, you were scared that Remus might try and hurt you; you knew werewolves had no control over themselves once in their animal form. He didn’t want to feel anything for you. He never thought he’d experience it. my perfect girl | remus lupin x reader "You stay right there, dove," he said warmly. Remus rubbed his face. “I’m pretty sure I look like any other day, but thanks, Rem,” you laugh. ” He said with a deep voice as he let out a long breath, before grabbing the shampoo from you. any requests for other characters? why not ask! i might say no, but no harm done. Prompt: Hii, i’d like to request a remus x reader where he gets very (like, VERY) hurt on an order mission, and sirius like brings him to him and the readers shared apartment or You said with a soft smile. Summary: loving James can be difficult when he doesn’t love himself . "You're so fucking sexy ,moan for daddy. Summary: An Order mission went wrong, leaving a soaked Sirius on the doorstep of the Lupin’s home, Remus clinging onto the world around him. But … Singed Memories Remus Lupin x Reader Summary: Harry finds a photo of Remus and a mysterious girl. You grabbed my waist to steady me as I fell down the last stair and … Title: Not yet Pairing: Remus Lupin x Black sister!Slytherin!Reader Word count: 1. “Hey (Y/N)!” Remus said happily when I tried to grab my favorite book. The question finally sunk in as your heart hammered wildly in your chest. In some cases, most cases, the truth is best kept secret. warnings: smoking (i’m sorry i can’t help myself i love writing about smoking but don’t really love doing it), smut, not proofread bc i refuse to for some reason, 15 Severus Snape x female reader (smut!) 16 Bellatrix Lestrange x female reader (smut!) 17 Young James Potter x female reader (smut!) 18 Ginny Weasley x female reader (smut!) 19 Harry Potter x female reader (smut!) 20 Remus Lupin x female reader (smut!) They are as familiar as the house you live in. “But now we are alone, no one is watching to hang it over our heads forever, and i’ve never turned down a dare. Not that you knew what his curse was, but you knew yours only had one cure. You can find my masterlist here and my ask box is open!!. Remus shushed them, beginning to gather the scattered supplies. Title: Claimed sweater Pairing: Remus Lupin x Female!Reader Word count: 0. goodvsevil; orderofthephoenix; marauders +22 more # 13. "Remus Lupin" said the boy who had just woken up. Sleepy bub {soft fic about sleepy remus}. “So I’m back, you’re welcome by the way, and I brought–” The handsome face of Sirius … She lay there, helpless, on the ground. # 7. ” You whispered against his lips as he captured yours once again. Harry, letting his curiosity get the better of him, asks Remus for the whole story. “Y/N. vj-moral liked this birthday boy || r. Your eyes watered. Remus Lupin x Reader. 5K Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five. ” He cried even harder after saying this. Love You In My Mind // Sirius Black by toomuchofafangal. Only Love (Remus Lupin x Reader) Based on two requests. Remus Lupin X Original Character Animagus Oc Remus Lupin X You. Remus Lupin x fem! reader, Sirius Black x fem! reader. You know how they end, yet you listen as though you don’t. It wasn’t just a regular rat, it was actually a boy. There’s no judgement in Silence. Misleading // Young!Remus Lupin x Reader. You grabbed the leaf and folded it tucking it behind his ear as you kissed him. "I love feeling your pussy gripping my cock. “And-that’s-when—I—I-woke-up. It was all meaningless, simply child’s play and teasing. Request: could you do a sirius x reader where she had a similar upbringing to him, where her family…wasn’t great…to her and she doesn’t plan on growing close to sirius, but How Remus Lupin Saved the World by Half-Blood Princess reviews. x s. "I need to get dressed," you said. But then it all became something else, something that actually meant something. Remus Lupin x reader (an old drabble very old) You're too young for me, just listen! Please, listen to me. It may be weird to some people. “and I don’t know why. remus lupin x reader (set in the 90s) warnings: underage drinking, smoking, cussing, making out . "You need to sit there looking pretty for a second while we catch our breath," he said, crouching in front of you, eyebrows creased in concern. It wasn’t meant to go anywhere. Flirtatious Encounters - Remus reunites with you after graduating many years ago…and you’re still Remus Lupin. It was a rather dull, rainy Saturday afternoon. They were in the middle of hooking up an elaborate prank trap, but not far from a frequently used hallway, so they had to keep quiet. warnings: none note: One day late as Sirius's birthday was yesterday, Nov 3rd, but it's here now. Freya loves Sirius Black, but is too scared to tell him. “Don’t do this to me” Sirius begged in return. Fandom: Harry Potter. This boy became an animagi with his friends to help their friend, who was a werewolf. harrypotter. He said —” Remus breaks you off, gently. Requested by: Anon. Remus kissed you on the lips, cupping your face lightly, caressing your cheek with his thumb. “You deserve so much. Teacher's Pet: Remus Lupin X Reader by lunette 208K 6. x j. (young) Remus Lupin. Before I could put my finger on where I knew him from, a messy haired boy, wearing round rimmed glasses burst in. His clenched fists. A/N: I need to make some Christmas … Healing (Remus Lupin x Reader) Request: can you write something about y/n taking care of remus when he’s in pain in the days after the full moon?. You broke out of the embrace after a moment, and looked into Remus’ lovely green eyes while he looked into your __e/c__ ones. ” Fanfiction Fantasy Romance Tom Riddle Daughter Voldemort Daughter Remus Lupin Love Lily Evans. remus lupin masterlist; remus lupin x reader; remus lupin x you; remus lupin x y/n; remus lupin fanfiction; harry potter fanfiction; marauders fanfiction; Previous post Next post . You couldn’t focus on the book, your mind reeling as you thought about the past few days. He gloated slightly, but his nerves showed through. You could almost hear him voice his displeasure with the arrangement in his classic Prefect Voice. , OC - Complete. fuck off in which another Potter boy can't help himself but fall in love. “I love every single bit of you, from this-” he gives a light squeeze, making you gasp, “to this-” and he gives your bottom lip a gentle tug with his teeth, “and all the way back up to your beautiful head, where your smart thoughts and wit come from. “I have to admit, that was pretty attractive,” you mumbled into the kiss. p. Your pussy was throbbing so hard that you grabbed the side of the desk. Love, you posted on January 04th at 5:21 pm Indexed: imagine, hp imagine, marauders era, Marauders, marauders x reader, remus x reader, remus lupin, Sirius Black, James Potter, harry potter Remus x Reader ️ Cuddles and Kisses ️ Requested : Could you do a Remus x reader thing where he’s possessive because it’s close to the full moon Your eyes shut close as you felt your climax come closer and closer. Originally posted by killchalla. A happy belated birthday to Sirius Black! "Happy birthday!" you squeal as you climb on top of the sleeping boy, shaking him awake. " The question finally sunk in as your heart hammered wildly in your chest. Remus hums thoughtfully, seemingly satisfied with your answer, and he opens his mouth to say something but someone else interjects. closed requested with be crossed out. Summary: You meet Remus at a party and bump into him a month later at a The Three Broomsticks. Warnings: none. ” You sighed softly with a tender smile, he The Teacher ~ Remus Lupin X Reader SMUT Bad_boys_666. —(Back to reality)— Remus cried once more and clutched her arms, crying into her shoulder. Remus’ hands travel slowly up your body causing a shiver to run down your spine. She was denied custody of Harry. "Lupin demands. Pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader Summary: You’re a little tipsy and want to show Remus that you love him, even if his friends are sat right next to you (basically fluff and Marauders) Warnings: Alcohol Word count: 850 Fic: “Moony!” You grinned, stumbling a little as you entered through the portrait hole. He set the book down carefully and closed the distance between the two of you, capturing your lips with his own. And only one person can stop it. you love me, daisy. 6K 523 20. +. Bad things always follow when given power. In the Great Stories you know who lives, who dies, who finds love, who doesn’t. Terms (because I’m not sure how these abbreviations entirely work): (Y/N)- Your name (Y/F/B)- Your favorite book. Prompt: can you do a remus x reader where harry finds photos of young remus with an unknown girl (the reader) and he tells the story of … Remus Lupin x reader oneshots shaynawrites23. You snuggled into his chest more in embarrassment, and Remus’ arms tightened around your waist. +3 more. You sat in the Astronomy tower with a heavy blanket wrapped around your frame, a book discarded off to the side. Summary: You write love letters to your friend, Remus Lupin, with absolutely no intention of sending them. Posted on Thursday, 14 October 2021. Kiss prompt 10 {“Happy you’re alive” kisses}. 3k. Fandom: Harry Potter (The Marauders Era) Request: ‘Remus lupin x fem reader where she just had a bad day and everything hurts and just wants comfort’ Thank you so much for requesting. 117K 3. I scared and let the book fall on the ground. 7K 35 Explained in the reader's point of view (also with a bit of Professor Lupin's, and a bit of Harry's) Story takes place on the events … Harry Potter | Reader James Potter Remus Lupin Ron Weasley Hermione Granger | Fanfiction Humor Romance The Marauder Lily Evans The Golden Trio Remus Lupin X Reader. word count: 5. You turned around, turning your back to him knowing exactly what he was looking at. 2k Author: Heloise Daphne Brightmore. Rated T for slight sexual content. Let me in(I’ll be your boy) {soft confession fic} Dates {dates with remus lupin}. Remus headcannons {general headcannons for dating remus lupin}. Let me know if you wanna be added to the tag list :) Dearest Remus, You grabbed my waist today. “Hey Y/n/n,” Remus replied, head turning to smile at you. “Do it, you know you want it. Remus Lupin, the young man covered in scars - braver than anyone you’d ever met. Teddy Lupin. Warnings: mental illness (mentions of depression and social anxiety), out of body experiences . There's nothing going on between us. “Sweetheart, as much as I’d love to stay here with you all night, we have school in the morning”. Or the smell of your lover’s skin. Remus Lupin was the best man you have ever met. I couldn’t have turned around with it being obvious!”. Sirius and Amaris Black are more than a handful, and when they get sorted into Gryffindor with the other Marauders the only thing they can do right is cause chaos. And against all odds, so does she. There are so many people who love you and I know,” he falters, “I don’t know how any one couldn’t love you after seeing you. ” Remus Lupin fell in love with a girl who could see nothing but beauty in the things he thought he despised about … Chapter Text. I mean, I stopped talking to everyone a week before my last year at Hogwarts ended. This is one of those cases” She didn’t ask to be Voldemort’s daughter. Some of the stories will be nsfw and labeled in the chapter, please skip i nsfw. (Long chapters and lots of plot) Notes: "I love you too Remus" I said with a kiss to the top of head … And This. So one day, she follows the boys on a full moon, and finds out about Remus We get bloody sick of the whining from Remus” you heard James Potter say from the other side of the door. "Fuck you're so tight baby. Ever. He turned around, facing you, and a slight blush appeared on his cheeks, along with a sincere smile. “You alright, love?”. . Despite his confident tone, you knew he … I Feel Everything (Remus Lupin x Reader) The sky was grey and rain drizzled from the murky clouds. preferences. “Yeah good job, Moony. Chapter 6: Dorothea Notes: Word count: 1360. Simply put, it backfires ;) a collection of harry potter character x reader oneshots for you to read and enjoy :) *some mature content, smut and rude language* remus lupin x reader remember who you are; successful authors. But an evil figure from their past may be coming back to haunt them. "Lupin introduce his dick in your vagina and you couldn't hide you moans you started moaning louder and louder. ”. Remus said with a smile from ear to ear. Shatter : Remus Lupin x Reader. Please, don’t” Remus whispered to Sirius, pleadingly. It must’ve only been a minute but to Remus it felt like hours and your silence was killing his slowly. Remus Lupin, with his not-so-outgoing demeanor, commanded your attention from the moment he entered the room. Write captivating stories, read enchanting novels, and we’ll publish the books our readers love most on our sister app, GALATEA and other Remus x reader Warnings: none Persons: James Potter, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, Remus Lupin, Misses Pomfrey, reader A/N: Gif is not mine! A rat jumped over a stone, running further through the forest. "I'm James Potter" he said. There is a war that’s just started. “Sorry Remus” a rather soft voice, Peter said. Word count: 1,959 “Date me then. Shaking your head, you responded, voice groggy, “Sleep. I don't love you. Kind, humble and loyal to no end. 6K 74. types of requests i do. Sunday Morning - A lazy day with Remus is perfect to you. Word count: 1140. You're just going through lust, like anybody else your age. You squeal as a hand pulls you in the dark. (Remus Lupin x reader) Summary: your mental illness sometimes clouds your vision but Remus is the lighthouse in the fog . “I love you,” he sobbed, pressing his forehead against yours softly. But you just find silence comforting. Summary: Your last year at Hogwarts could prove to be your most exciting. Requested by anon: Hey could you do a Remus Lupin Slytherin Reader, where the marauders hate the reader and vice versa, so the boys play her a hell lot of pranks. Title: Sweet comfort Pairing: Remus Lupin x Female!Reader Word count: 1. “I love you, Remus. Remus grabbed the back of your neck as he whispered in your ear. Sirius said strolling up next to his Remus Lupin X Reader “Summary: You were finally graduating but for some reason you couldn’t soothe your anxiety until the big day was over. I could slap myself for being so awkward. “I wouldn’t want to … Harry Potter imagines x reader (smut!) :) 1 story Remus Lupin x femalre reader (smut!) Everything is with consent! :) “Oh I’d love too. Warnings: a little angsty, fluff. 8k Published: 24 August, 2020 Author: Heloise Daphne Brightmore Notes: I wrote this little fic because Dee [ @obsessedwithrandomthings ] and I were brainstorming at 4am in the morning and I just couldn’t get this idea out of my head ^^ Summary: You have been hiding your … Remus Waved his wand and a tree appeared in the corner of the room, the branches stretching all the way to over top of your bed, the leaves falling off one at a time. Summary: You and Remus attempt getting back at the other marauders. ” Sirius sighed with a small smile on his face, “Because you mean the world to me and I wouldn’t Remus’ arms had easily caught you and pulled you into his chest to steady you, and you now had your buried in his chest. Warnings: mention of injury, mention of scars Word count: 922 Remus saw himself as a … Page 394. With a sigh you stood up, holding his … Your head lobbed forward, body dangerously close to slipping off the sofa. Remus could feel your soul leaving, his own aching to follow. … Scared of the moonlight (Remus Lupin x Reader x Sirius Black) Author’s note: Heya there! So I literally ripped my heart of my chest writing this. Requests: Open. It’s just that you look amazing everyday,” he Remus Lupin x reader (an old drabble very old) You're too young for me, just listen! Please, listen to me. Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,853 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 27 - Follows: 8 - Published: Jul 12, 2011 - Remus L. He began to break even more when he noticed the color beginning to drain from his sight; he had only ever read about what happened when a soulmate died. 6k Author: Heloise Daphne Brightmore Request: [Tumblr] Prompts to be used; “I can’t get over how a few months ago I wanted to learn your name and now you’re having breakfast with me in my sweater. “Oh really?”. You don’t know why but it’s comforting and peaceful. He placed his hands The werewolf snarled at you angrily and walked up to you and sniffed you. Let me know if you wanna be added to the tag list :) Dearest Remus, You held my hand today. He howled at you before tackling you, he licked your face and just stared at you. One of my old school friends invited me to his wedding, and I was really considering not going. l. Self care {self care with remus}. remusxreader. In the way that although you know that one day you will die, you live as though you won’t. She loses James, Lily, Peter, and Sirius, her best friends. no i don't, potter. ” “Warnings: Social anxiety? “You love me so much,” you said. Kiss prompt 47 {47) Person A is sitting on Person B’s lap and tries to kiss them … summary: Remus Lupin fell in love with a girl who could see nothing but beauty in the things he thought he despised about himself; his scars. Not out of any type of romantic affection, but you still held my hand, and I think … Summary: You write love letters to your friend, Remus Lupin, with absolutely no intention of sending them. He finds that the girl’s name is (Y/N), she was dead. (Y/N) (Y/L/N)'s life had gone downhill ever since she graduated Hogwarts. I blushed heavily and stood up again as Remus handed me the book. The invitation card sat in front of me, on top of my dark wooden desk. His sad, sad expression on his, scarred but nonetheless, beautiful face. 4k Author: Heloise Daphne Brightmore. But I loved him and he — and he was the only one who could love me. “What do you want from me!” “Truth, I just want the truth!” “That’s where you’re wrong. A sudden rush of pain filled her arm. (Remus Lupin x Female Reader) Originally posted by rebeatros (Not my gifs, credit goes to the creators) Main Masterlist. aesthetics. He wrote of how he would always cherish their memories together, of how he would You love the silence. Remus’ slightly widened eyes. “James made his point, we only let you out it the two of you talk” Sirius added. “Sí. imagines (x reader, two characters, or a platonic) would includes. This story is a collection of Remus Lupin Oneshots during the marauder's era. AU: Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks have abandoned both the war effort and the wizarding world altogether and are trying to create a new life for themselves disguised as Muggles. Request: none (y u no send me them ;-;) Warnings: none. “And we agreed we weren’t going to. Just fixed up an old piece and decided to post it before I release Just like ice part 3! This wasn’t requested, I just started writing it a while ago, sometime last year. Remus Lupin x Reader FANFICTION- Hey Stranger. Remus Lupin x fem!oc Completed. He smiled shyly and blushed as well. love-and-virtues liked this . " "And you seriously don't love me, this isn't just you trying to push me away?" "I sincerely don't love you romantically. You look amazing. Words: 1282 Warning: Angst, the gif is not mine, it belongs to it’s owner/ creator , not Wolfstar. ” "Kitchen" Remus was making little pancakes shaped into tiny hearts as he hummed … Title: Furry little problem Pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader Word count: 2.

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